Managed Services

The Managed Service is specifically designed for customers who want the convenience of a cloud instance but having the system running in their own environment and is provided out of our Dutch offices. The service includes:

  • The installation of the software
  • Regular maintenance of the system (24×7 monitoring and backup solutions are available as a separate add-on).
  • The upkeep of the system with hotfixes if necessary and updates
  • Analysis of issues directly on the system without the need to capture screenshots, send log-files etc and management of all support cases on behalf of the customer.
  • Documentation of all configurations / configuration changes.

The service is charged by production instance per year and includes a staging system, where any updates or hotfixes are applied before the deployment to production. The staging instance is also used to investigate issues wherever feasible. A standby fail-over instance for business continuity counts like a production instance but includes a documented fail-over test every 6 months.

The pricing consists of:

  • A one time service set-up fee
  • A Managed Service fee per production instance per year

You can of course decide which systems to put in the Managed Service, however issues that arise from the integration with systems not in the managed service would have to be charged by the hour unless these turn out to be defects in Onepoint Projects.

Please contact us using the contactform or email sales @ puntuitprojecten dot nl for more info.